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Android is growing up day after day and it’s trying to overcome the widely used Windows.

Last time we analysed how was Smartphone marketing going on, today we talk about operating systems and in particular these stats are about devices connected to the web.

Android is even closer to overtake Windows, this is stated from StatCounter, on February 2017 that has collected the info from about 2,5 millions sites.

If in 2012 about 82% were Windows based devices, last month Microsoft didn’t go over 38,6% and Android just 37,4%.

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Stats are worldwide and as we expected, Windows is the most used desktop OS, still.

iOS is not doing such bad things in the US, in fact 24,9% surfers are iPad or iPhone users. The mobile overtaking over desktop systems is getting closer, this in Asia has already happened.

There, since last year, about 51,8% connected devices were Android smartphones and just 29,8% Windows machines.

In Europe, as you know, things are bit different and the process will take more time since Windows is dominating the market. In fact Microsoft’s plan to give Windows 10 update for free, was just intented to keep steady its users using their system and not to run away.

I think that Android, as a really adoptable system, will be able to dominate the OS market with not so much difficulty. If we think a second, we can find Android in mobiles, smartwatches, TVs, projectors, cars and a lot of other devices.

With no doubts Windows is enjoying its last moments of pleasure and happiness.


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