Microsoft is on trial…

Three citizens of Illinois are planning to bring Microsoft to court due to Windows 10 update, which would lead to the loss of data and damage of the computer. The prosecution, which has turned into a district court in Chicago, points the fact as a class action and estimates the value of the dispute about over 5$ million.

As stated in the complaint, Microsoft had “failed to exercise reasonable care in designing, formulating and producing Windows 10 upgrade”. Their answer is that the company “has released an operating system capable of causing data loss or damage to a computer.”

According to the legal problems that result from, for which Microsoft would have disclosed the potential risks of the installation, they would have involved hundreds of thousands of users. The operating system also “often is autoinstalled without any action.” Microsoft defended itself by explaining, through a spokesman, that “free upgrade program for Windows 10 was a choice to help people take advantage of the version of Windows more secure and productive.”

Users have had the option to not perform the update, “he highlighted, the 31 days to restore their old operating system. ”

Veditto thoughts…

I talked with Gajendra and he laughed when he read that, well I had the same reaction.

Which is the sense to accuse Microsoft of that stuff? Windows 10 has been released since a year, billions people (me included) got the update and all went just fine… just now appear such weird problems? So important that they brought it to the court?

Apple vs Samsung patent struggles are way more believable.

In our opinion they are just Microsoft haters, trying to blame them and recruit some money.


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