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What kinds of apps do you have on your mobile device? We all have apps related to commuting on, gaming on, writing on, video surfing on, etc. But did you hear about apps that even can change your voice note? No, or maybe yes. For the past 2-3 years, these apps called voice changing apps are in a liking.

These apps are available for both android and iOS. These apps are for fun that can change your voice tune I.e, from male voice to female voice and vice-versa.

Let’s now discuss what those apps are, first, let’s discuss how these apps work.

How does the voice changer app work?

This is a very modest process. First of all, these apps recognize the tune of your voice, and accordingly with some effects that are already accessible in the app, change the tune of the voice.

With these effects, there will be a change in the regularity of the voice. It is that easy.

Now, let’s discuss the 08 apps that can change a male voice to a female voice.

1. Voice changer with effects

With a 4.4 star rating and millions of downloads, the app called Voice changer with effects can change the voice of a male to a female and female to a male.

Voice changer with effects

This app is built with 40 such effects as Helium, giant, robot, backward, zombie, alien, drunk, monster, etc.

Its features:

1.The voice can be shared easily with your friends and family through all the apps.

  1. It also has a great feature that allows you to set the sound as a notification bell.
  2. It also can record the voice from the text we provide.

4.The recorded tune can be set as the mobile ringtone easily.

What’s New-   With more improvements, it is updated and also can fix the bug.

2. MagicCall Voice Changer App

With 3.5 star ratings and 10+millions of downloads, the app called MagicCall-Voice changer.

MagicCall Voice Changer App

This app helps to change the female voice to male and vice-versa, and also you can change your voice as a cartoon voice as well. This app can also change the voice during the call in the forms mentioned above.

It is a great and fun app.

Its features:

1.The first and the best feature that gives a chance to earn money i, e. You get credits on first-time registration.

2.Voice changer can be used during calls.

3.Cheap and easy to

4.Many sound emoticons are also available like clap, etc that can be added.

How does this function?

  1. Choose a Voice. or a background sound. (options are provided in the app and also mentioned here)
  2. Now, select a contact and dial the number.
  3. Turn on the MagicCall.

If the call is connected,

the voice changer shifts your voice into a chosen voice.

And you are done.

Enjoy with your friends and family. Prank them and have fun.

What’s New: Bugs fixed and improved.

3. VoiceFX – Voice Changer with voice effects

With 4.1 and 5+ million downloads, the app called VoiceFX-Voice Changer with a voice changer and voice recorder option that helps to transform your voice and music.


It has mant effects available.Audio effects like chipmunk, robot, female, male, kid, strong, drunk, slow, fast,  monster, and alien.

Its features.

  1. Voice can be changed live.
  2. Save and share the voice and set it as a ringtone and notification.

4. Voice Changer by AndroidRock

With 4.3 star ratings and 10+millions of downloads, the app by Android rock can change the voice from male to female. It is easy to access.

Voice Changer

The effects also include robots, ducks, aliens, etc.


1.By recording and applying the effects you can have the desired voice.

2.Can save and share the audios through all the social media handles.

What’s New

Bugs fixed

5. Voice changer sound effects by 9xgeneration

With a 3.8 star rating and 5+ million downloads, this app is designed to change male voice to female voice.

Voice changer sound effects by 9xgeneration

With amazing audio effects like helium, fast, slow, cave, chipmunk, monster, alien, big sound, small sound, bee, etc..is easy to use and operate.

Its features:

1.Is available with effects like. echo, pitch, tempo; volume and bass, etc.

  1. Is also available with a smart microphone for karaoke.

3  Can import sounds, audio files and can add effects and have fun.

  1. Can also save, share it with your family and friends,
  2. You will have the option to set the audio as a ringtone.

6. Voice Changer Voice Recorder – Editor & Effect.

With 3.9 star ratings and 5+millions downloads, it is famous for changing male voice to female voice and vice-versa. With audio effects like an alien, robot, child, etc.

Voice Changer Voice Recorder

Its features.

1.Can change the voice during the call.

  1. It is well-known for game and voice improvement.

3.The audios can be saved and set as a ringtone.

7. Super-Voice Editor

With a 4.5 star rating and 5 + million downloads, this app helps in converting male voice into female and vice versa.

Super-Voice Editor

It also has audio effects options like child, alien, and superhero.

Its features:

1.Voice can be changed as per your wish in available effects.

2.It also has the option” MP3 Cutter”, which is Used to cut the audio from any sound, song, and the voice tune can be changed.

3.It is also a ringtone maker, where you can edit and make your ringtone.

4.The funny audio clips can be shared with your friends through all the social media apps.

  1. Easy to access.

What’s New: Improved and

Free from bugs.

8. Voicemod

With a 3.7-star rating and 500k + downloads, this voice changer app is the best and known for editing voice.


With the features of changing the male voice into a female voice, it is very enjoyable.


  1. Can change the voice and edit the audio tunes.
  2. Is designed with many sound effects that are very easy to use and also creative.


From the above-mentioned information, these 8 apps work wonders in changing male voice to female voice and vice versa all the apps mentioned above are available for both Android and IOS and are free to use. Let’s download them and have fun by sharing them with friends and family


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