Introducing LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch:

Well, the market of gadgets is always buzzing with many new dynamic products, and every product has a unique and trendy tale of its own. This time a new product from the LEMFO family is lurking in the market called as the LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch.

This is a very stunning Smartwatch and has numerous cool features, which are already making their presence in the market. LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch is a multitasking device with optimum 3G quality, and this Smartwatch can easily replace your smartphone with its high-tech features. So, in this article, I will unveil all the features of this new Smartwatch one by one and deeply understand its functions with its in-depth review of specs and features.

Key Specification:

Screen Size 1.30 inch screen
Fitness Tracker Yes
Calling Support Yes (Single nano SIM)
Hardware MTK6580 Quad Core 1.3GHz
Software Android 5.1
Network Support 2G/3G
Compatibility With iOS and Android devices
Battery 450 mAh
Strap Type Rubber

Magnificent Design:

This Smartwatch is perfect for a person who knows the value of style and comfort together. This luxurious watch is very light weight weighing somewhere between 245g / 8.6oz. The silicon straps of the watch are entirely designed with excellent medical material to observe your sweat, and it is crafted very well. You will get the Smartwatch in 316L stainless steel watch case and CNC machining and 5 times grinding and polishing. The round dial of the LEMFO LES 2 looks pretty and shoots an authority of elegance and power.

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Lucrative Display Quality:

The display of the LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch is quite satisfying as compared to the other Smart watches. If we go into the technical specifications, the LEMFO LES 2 comes with a 1.3″ inch IPS touch screen; this smart watch has a bigger display than most of the smart watches.

The device also has 16 Million Retina color and charming with 360 x 360-pixel screen resolution. It’s smooth like butter touch screen enables users to operate numerous functions of the LEMFO LES2 Smartwatch quickly. All in all the display quality of this smart watch is perfect for regular users.

Robust hardware performance:

Robust hardware performance

The processor of this LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch is very adaptive and responsive to support all of the dynamic features of this Smartwatch. The device has MTK6580 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor. Along with 1GB high performing RAM and ROM of 16GB. The device runs on the Android 5.1 operating system and gets connected with both iOS and Android smartphones. The performance of the LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch is amiable as compared to its compelling Smart watches.

Long lasting Battery

Long lasting Battery battery LES2 Smartwatch

The LEMFO LES 2 comes with a 450 mAh built-in battery which is enough to give you a battery back-up of one day. And to my surprise, this smartwatch has even few incredible battery management functionality that extends its battery life even more.

Other Special Features

  • Inbuilt Heart-rate sensor

Inbuilt Heart-rate sensor

The LEMFO LES 2 also boasts an inbuilt heart rate monitor with a skin touch sensor that will always sense the heart beat and indicate the user about their heart conditions. This watch also has a pedometer installed in it, which can record steps, calories, and distances very efficiently. The user can record their sports data and users can also compare their daily performance to evaluate their health statistics. With this LEMFO watch, users can also enjoy the features that are available in fitness bands.

  • GPS Navigation Support

With the LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch, you will never lose your directions as this watch has an accurate GPS navigation system. This powerful GPS navigator guides you in every adverse condition and never let you forget your instructions. Even without your phone, you will never miss your way. This navigation tool enables users to track their progress while running, driving, biking, or even playing golf etc. So, this cool LEMFO watch will guide you even in worst conditions.

  • Multiple Dial Facility

Multiple dial facility is there

Other Additional features of the LEMFO LES 2:

  1. The LEMFO LES 2 also comes with an excellent weather checking system with a pre-installed weather app in your watch. With this app, you won’t ever miss any change in weather conditions around you.
  2. It also comes with the most fantastic feature of Google Now “OK Google”. With this, you can also download and install other voice assistants from Google play store. That’s a really cool feature, especially for a smart watch.
  3. The watch provides app notification on the screen of the LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch. It includes all notification such as incoming calls, SMS, or from apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Emails and other apps.
  4. The device can be updated to the latest operating software with just one click while connected to a wireless network.
  5. The battery performance is commendable with its 450 mAh capacity battery and which can run as Talking time: 3.5 hours/2G 2 hours/3G & Standby time: 48 hours. That’s very impressive for the Smartwatch.
  6. This Smartwatch can understand following languages, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian Czech, Spanish, French, Croatian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovenian, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Danish, German, English, Thai etc.

Pros & Cons of LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch


  • It has the unique design.
  • It is available with multiple straps.
  • It has a Heart-rate monitoring sensor.


  • External SD card slot not present.
  • Only nano sim can be inserted.

Price and Availability

The smartwatch is yet to be launched by the company. and the price of this smartwatch will be around $100-$110. As the smartwatch will launched we will update you.


After reviewing the LEMFO LES2 Smartwatch, I can say that this watch is for our new smart generation and is an excellent product to own. So, it’s green signal from our side for this smart watch, and you won’t regret buying it at the cost of $100.



  1. hello friend,

    My lemfo les2 phone calling not working but sim settings every thing showing. and how to anable bluetooth notification.


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