Youtubers In India With Most Subscribers

Youtube is an undisputed champion when it comes to the most used application globally, and now it has become the easiest way to earn name, fame, and money. The platform gives opportunity to everyone who wants to earn a name and fame.

Millions of people are making Youtube their professional carrier, and many are earning enough money to live their lives with great fun. In India, Youtube culture is growing very rapidly, and today millions of Indian creators are on Youtube.

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Some Indian creators are famous globally and are making millions due to their huge subscribers. Today we will talk about the top 10 most famous YouTubers in India with the most subscribers.

1. CarryMinati

Subscriber: 36.7M

CarryMinati channel

CarryMinati channel is currently the most subscribed individual Youtube channel in India.

The channel is owned and managed by Ajay Nagar, which is famous as CarryMinati due to his channel. He is a rapper, gamer, and comedian.

On his channel CarryMianti, he uploads roast videos of famous personalities and hot topics. He also owns another channel CarryIsLive where he streams live videos and gameplay. CarryMinati channel has more than 37 million subscribers.

2. Total Gaming

Subscriber: 33.4M

As the name indicates, it is an Indian gaming channel owned by Ajay. The channel has gained popularity in a very less time and has become the most subscribed gaming channel in India. Ajay, the creator of Total Gaming, uploads various gameplays of different games. He even streams live gameplay on his channel.

His live game streams gained a lot of live viewers. He has uploaded more than 1.7k videos, and every day, you will get one or two new videos on his channel.

He currently has more than 34 million subscribers. Though he plays a lot of games, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is his favourite.

3. Ashish Chanchalani Vines

Subscriber: 28.7M

ashish chanchlani vines

Ashish Chanchalani is one of the most famous YouTubers in India and has millions of followers on different social media platforms. As the name suggests, Ashish Chanchalani Vines is a vine channel managed by Ashish Chanchalani and his team.

However, he is the sole owner of the channel and used to upload vines with his friends and teams. He has uploaded around 146 videos on his channel, and currently, he has more than 29 million followers.

His channel is currently the most subscribed vine channel in India.

4. BB Ki Vines

Subscriber: 25.5M

BB Ki Vines is one of the very first vine channels in India. BB or Bhuvan Bham owns the channel. He started his Youtube carrier when Youtube was not much popular in India. He is one of the most loved and popular Indian creators.

The best thing is he plays a lot of characters by himself. Recently his first web series Dhindhora gained attention from all across India and was a huge success. He is also a singer and has uploaded many music videos on his channel.

His channel has more than 25 million subscribers. Until now, he has uploaded around 182 videos on his channel.

5. Round2Hell

Subscriber: 27.7M


Another vines channel, but this channel is owned and managed by three close friends: Wasim, Zayan, and Nazim. The channel is very popular among youths, and close friends love to watch their videos. Everyone loves their friendship and strong bonding.

The subscriber count of this channel is growing rapidly, and their videos are not getting millions of views. The channel currently holds more than 27 million subscribers. A total of 66 videos are available on their channel.

6. Amit Bhadana

Subscriber: 24.2M

Amit Bhadana

The popularity of Amit Bhadana is not hidden from anyone. He is also one of the most popular individual creators in India. He is known for his rhyming dialogues and desi culture. Bhadana is a desi person by heart and doesn’t show off.

This creative person also remains far from controversies and the Youtube limelight and only focuses on his content. Amit also released his web series recently, which was a huge success.

Though Amit Bhadana is not a singer, he has uploaded some music videos on his channel. His channel has more than 24 million subscribers and 95 videos.

7. Techno Gamerz

Subscriber: 28.6M

Techno Gamerz

Another very popular gaming channel. Techno Gamerz is India’s second most subscribed gaming channel after Total Gaming. Ujjwal Chawrasia owns this channel and is very popular in the Indian gaming community. Earlier his channel was the most subscribed gaming channel in India.

He uploads gameplays daily and enjoys playing all games. GTA games are his favourite, and he uploads a lot of GTA gameplays, especially GTA 5.

He has uploaded more than 750 videos on his channel and currently holds more than 29 million subscribers.

8. Technical Guruji

Subscriber: 28.6M

Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji is the most popular tech channel not only in India but worldwide. It is the most subscribed tech channel globally. Gaurav Chaudhary owns this channel, and he is also one of the wealthiest Indian YouTubers.

His channel is one of the very first Indian tech channels. Gaurav daily uploads tech news videos; apart from that, he used to upload various unboxing and review videos frequently.

The channel has around 29 million subscribers.

9. Mr. Indian Hacker

Subscriber: 27.2M

Mr. Indian Hacker

Mr. Indian Hacker is a science or experiment-based channel owned by Dilraj Singh Rawat. This channel is the only of its kind to remain on this list.

It is also said that this channel is one of the oldest experiment-based channels. However, the channel started a few years ago and has gained millions of subscribers in a very short time.

The channel has more than 22 million subscribers.

10. Sandeep Maheshwari

Subscriber: 24.5M

Sandeep Maheshwari

Everyone knows Sandeep Maheshwari is a very famous Indian personality. He is an entrepreneur by profession and a motivational speaker by passion.

His videos are popular not only in India but also worldwide. Millions of people are inspired by his videos, which is why his videos instantly cross millions of views. He has more than 25 million subscribers.

So these are the most famous Indian YouTubers in terms of total subscribers. All of them are individual creators and not an organization. The list is dominated by vines or comedy channels, and gaming channels are also very popular.


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