How to Hack a Twitter account without knowing the password?

Have you ever wonder you can hack a Twitter account? With the advancement in digital technology, everything is possible. IT specialists find new loopholes every day in any system and exploit it. Twitter is significantly used nowadays by everyone to view news information happening around him because it has become a convenient communication way.

Hack a twitter account

Twitter allows sharing photos, videos, sending messages, and like someone, spreading it further. Twitter is not only the way to communicate with your family and friends, but also you can like a tweet, follow a celebrity, and send messages to them.

Most celebrity accounts are on the hacker’s hit list, but sometimes we come to know the parent’s concern about their adult kid’s history to check what they are doing online. Wife and husband hack partner account to view sent a message to check their loyalty and know what they are hiding from you. It’s straightforward to hack a Twitter account. You don’t need to learn any computer language or coding skills, software, and online services are doing it with some price tag. You need only some basic knowledge of mobile phones and computers and yes you can.

Phishing for Twitter

Phishing for Twitter

Phishing for Twitter is a fraudulent practice by sending an email or message to a target person to pretend like a genuine company or an organization such as Netflix, Amazon, etc. The message lures the recipient to click the link. it redirects the user to a fake log-in website, which appears similar to Twitter, where scammers try to get sensitive data of their victim’s such log-in details.

Hacker builds a phishing page, some script example as “BLACKEY” is hosted on a server. User entered their log-in information on this fake Twitter log-in page. It does not matter the user enters correct or wrong log-in data directed back to their old session.

Brute Force attack-

To get access to a system, the hacker used this method, which involves many guessing passwords fed to the log-in system. To hack a Twitter account, the hacker provided a password on relevant clues such as age, mobile number, mother or father name, etc.

In a study, people use the same password on multiple social media sites to avoid remembering numerous passwords found as a loophole in the system. Sometimes a Reverse Brute force attack applies by an attacker to use a previously used password tried to guess the related usernames.

Dictionary attack

commonly used passwords and phrased are feed to the system, an automated process until it gets the right one. These dictionaries are made up of a previous hack attempt even though the dictionary attack uses the most common word combinations and common passwords.

Surprisingly, people use memorable phrases as passwords in which whole words stuck together. You, as a hacker, can take advantage of this fact. It is the reason why the system warns to set a strong password, which includes numbers and letters with small and capital letter combinations.

By using Online tools

Hacking tools

we found Nowadays several spying apps available to hack a Twitter account. These apps run on android and iOS, which are available on the internet; a few we will discuss here.

1# mSpy

mSpy is one of the widely used to hack a Twitter account. It offers remote control and keylogging features, even though it also guarantees total protection from external detection and anonymity. Before buying mSpy, you should check your system compatibility and check for how many days or months you need to buy.


It offers in paid and a free version with some limited functionality. It’s tracking software that helps you to monitor the activities on the phone where you install it. It is available for Mac users, android, and windows. First, you need to install the mobile software on which account you want to track all social activity. HOVERWATCH offers multi-plan & packs; after payment confirmation, you will get an email. Now you can track all activity on the phone and can hack a Twitter account.


COCOSPY is records activity on the target device and works as a keylogger. You can use this soft for android and ios devices. How does it work? It runs in background service on the phone and records all keystrokes on the phone without knowing the user.

Some similar software is here PanSpy App, FlexiSPy, TWGrappler.

4# Hiring a hacker

To get the password for a Twitter account, if you think you don’t have time to do all this process, you can hire a professional account hacker. because it will benefit from saving time and energy. Several companies provide experience ethical offer with this service.

we have provided this article for educational purposes. Please don’t use it for malicious reasons. We don’t encourage hacking for the illegal purpose of abusing someone, but rather for the good aims of recovering your account. Use this information in the article when you find it necessary.

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