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Images are something that you can’t ignore in any way. Images are needed everywhere to make your representation or anything look attractive and eye-catching.

From blogging to social media handling and from advertisement to even Youtube, you have to use images according to your requirement.

Billions and billions of images are available on the internet to fulfill everyone’s requirements. Just download it and use it for your work instantly.

But here comes the twist, as the new technology evolves every day, it brings better quality. But along with improved quality and Extra improvements, it also brings a lot of difficulties for new users.

So, in the category of images, a new type of image format has come and, it is WebP(Web Page). Now, this image format comes with a lot of improvements and better quality. But still, many applications did not allow this image format.

If you like an image and if it is in WebP format then, the first question and the most important question that came to your mind is “How To Convert WebP File Into JPEG?”

So don’t worry, we are here to help you to solve this problem easily & quickly without any extra effort. So please read the article and follow the instructions carefully.

What Is a WebP File?

WebP is a modern image format developed by Google. It was introduced in 2010 but took several years to make its global presence.

What Is a WebP File

Slowly it registered its presence in the global market. However, version 1.0 of its supporting library was available in 2018.

It comes with a lot of new improvements and with some extra & cool features. These features are not available in older image formats like jpeg or png.

It also comes with an animation and alpha transparency feature which is currently available in only this format. This feature makes its use more wide and effective.

The main objective in designing this image format was to provide excellent quality images in a smaller size. It is its unique and main feature.

Now it is accepted in most Web Browsers across the globe. But the main problem with this format is that many applications still do not use WebP files and prefer jpeg or png.

How To Convert WebP File Into JPEG OR PNG?

Step-1. Just download the image by right-clicking on the image.

Step-2. Then click Save As and download the image in WebP format.

Step-3. After downloading it click on the downloaded WebP file.

Step-4. The complete full-size image will open on your web browser but, it is still in WebP format.

Webp format picture opened in web browser
Webp format picture opened in web browser

Step-5. Now take a screenshot of the opened WebP file.

Step-6. Take this screenshot to the Paint Application and crop the unwanted part of the screenshot.

Picture opened in Paint
Picture opened in Paint

Step-7. Now save this cropped file like JPEG or PNG or any format you want.

Save photo in JPEG OR PNG Format
Save photo in JPEG OR PNG Format

In this way, you can  convert webp to jpg without any extra tool or website. It is a quick process to convert your favorite WebP files into JPEG or any other format.

You can also use several conversions apps or websites to convert your WebP file into your desired format. We will discuss these websites or apps in another separate article where we will tell you in detail about the “Top Free Conversion Apps For Your Desired File.


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