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The world is moving away from the Paper World to Paperless. And it has a lot of advantages among them being to protect the environment. PDF is at the center of the revolution. The booming of e-readers such as Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, iRiver, and so on only attest to the fact that PDF is taking over. Online PDF creation software such as sodapdf.com are offering a wide range of PDF solutions that help to create, convert, edit, as well as to insert a signature in documents.  This article takes you through some valuable considerations when choosing the best PDF to Word converter.

Types of PDF to Word converters

PDF to Word Converter

There are two types of PDF to Word converters available in the market, online PDF Converters and Offline PDF converters.

Online PDF converters are an excellent option if you have internet access. All you need to do is upload your files online and provide them with your email. They immediately send you your documents. Other free PDF platforms do not require you to submit your email. However, many people do not feel comfortable uploading their PDF files online for security reasons.

Hence, Offline PDF to Word converter seems more reliable. The challenge that you will get is how to choose a competent Word to PDF converter given the many options available in the marketplace each claiming to be the best.

How to choose the best Word to PDF converter?

  1. Free Trial

A free trial is essential as it will help you to try out the Word to PDF converter to find out if it’s the kind of solution you are looking for. During the free trial phase, you need to check all the features that the software comes with and compare them with those provided by other software in the market to help you gauge whether you will get the best deal buying the PDF to Word converter. After a successful conversion, you should check that the text content, original layout, and even hyperlinks are preserved correctly.

  1. Compare prices

Before you buy the PDF to Word converter, you should compare prices. There are many brands available in the marketplace, and each comes with its pricing. Being expensive should not be a yardstick for quality. You might find a cheaper PDF to Word converter of high quality than the expensive brands in the marketplace. Also, you should not consider the pricing at the expense of the features provided by the PDF to Word converter.

  1. Check the advanced functions

Checking for advanced functionality is equally vital since sometimes we may require to do more than convert PDF to Word document. You may want to copy text from the PDF, edit the PDF document, or even insert signatures. Hence, a PDF to Word converter that comes with advanced functionality should be given consideration.

As the world transits from the paper to the paperless society, you should not be left behind. Luckily, many PDF to Word converters are available both online and offline. This article helps you to make the right choice when you decide to buy a PDF to Word converter.


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