hey S3

Hey S3: After presenting a new smartband a couple of days ago, Xiaomi launched today the seventy-sixth product of the MIJIA family.

Hey S3 is not a product developed directly by the Chinese company and once again we talk about Weloop, which also produces the recently introduced smartband.

Weloop Hey 3S remembers Apple Watch, but price and features are definitely different. With a weight of just 38 grams and a battery that can guarantee a month of autonomy, even if it is not an achievable value if you decide to keep the integrated GPS / GLONASS receiver always on.

The Weloop Hey 3S features a 1.28-inch display and all the sensors and features typical of smartwatches with a sports vocation: heart rate measurement, distance measurement in various sports activities, and analysis of the intensity of the exercises you do.

You can connect the smartwatch to your Android smartphone with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity to view notifications, reminders, and send the collected data to the companion app. You can also customize the watch face to suit your needs.

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Do not forget water resistance up to 50 meters to allow you to use Weloop Hey 3S for swimming or diving.

The price in China is just 539 yuan, just over 70 euros and the smartwatch is already affordable on the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform so it should soon be available in the online stores.

Nice move by Xiaomi, a new interesting product that will increase their international ranking in the market.


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