Google Talk was still in use? Did you know that? Probably few, as the historical chat service for Gmail users has been replaced from 2013 by Hangouts, however, he had left Google users the ability to waive upgrade and remain anchored to the old service, the possibility that soon will be permanently barred .

GTalk, what will happen now?

Talk, startingfrom next June 26, in fact, will be automatically transferred to the “new” service, the Android app will stop working with it and that all third-party app based on Google Talk.

There is, however, expects no difficulty for the service users, who will see Hangouts migrated your contacts and history of chat, and will even be able to rely on a theme developed specifically to keep the look of the old Chat in Gmail.

The move appears to be an attempt by Google to do some ‘order among its various messaging services, but can not help but raise some questions: for example, why it was chosen Hangout (whose fate is not yet entirely clear) as the target platform, instead of pushing users toward the most recent Google in?

It’s not a case that even Hangouts, has got some news, in particular that it won’t support SMS anymore, as we saw in the post below.

If you missed: Hangouts will loose SMS starting from 22th May

However, it is clear that eventually the search engine is focusing its attention on the chat, also pushing new protocols for SMS: the ultimate elimination of a service abandoned for four years, perhaps, will be the first step to make life easier for users that, just to talk to a few friends, they are available at Google, Duo, Hangouts, Posts Android, Google Voice and Fun Supersonic Voice Messenger.

We just hope that they won’t exaggerate with all those apps that do almost the same thing.


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