It’s official, starting from today you can buy a product on the Google Store that is sold in a foreign country!

Yes, it’s awesome.

Before you could just buy what was available in your country but starting from today, and it has also been announced by Google, Google Store got “global”.

If you visit Google Store website, from lateral menu you can choose a Country and if you choose US for example, you will find all the products sold there, you can add them to the chart and buy with ease.

Be careful…

They did a great thing, but not at all.

The only one limit, actually, is that your shipments are limited to the country you bought your product.

If you buy a smartphone from the US, you will be able to send it to an address in the US.

It is not clear if it is just a bug in the software or a starting point from which Google will make its Store, global at 100%.

Of course we hope that Google will make the right choice.

Google has officially confirmed that till today we’ll be able to buy abroad on our own store.


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