Google smart commands that will improve your life

Google is the most used search engine all over the world thanks to its speed and usefulness.

Every one of us has done a single search on it, but may be you have never do what I’m showing to you down here.

Google Calculator

Just go on and make some operations, it will show an handy calculator with the result and the ability to do whatever you want.


G Maths graphic

Talking about maths, you can easily get the graph of a particular function of your need.

Just write for example: y= (x^2 + x) + 3 /2



G Dictionary

Yes you can use it to get words definitions, just write:

define: something

G currency Exchange



and so on

G time viewer

Just type: 

dubai time

G Translate

You can do it on the go, just like this..

Google differently from others, offer a lot of functions that in the most of cases reveal useful and handy.

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