Google social media platform, known as Google Plus is becoming a good place for  spammers. There aren’t strict rules in order to control those people. However there are both good people, but in particular a lot of spammers.

What is the main thing in google plus that attract spammers? 

In google plus there are a lot of community and also they are only one click join, without waiting for approval. Many people join and just start posting links there… it is hard for community owner to remove these posts. A big number of people in community is there only for posting their links, maybe in sections that do not matter with their content.

When someone makes a community you cannot do much to avoid spam. In facebook, an admin group can change its properties to closed. On G+ when you start a community, you cannot do anything, just people come. There the problems start.

Many companies are providing facilities for posting in thousand of plus groups. It is making the thing worsen. Also owner of community can’t do anything how many people he will remove…

If you join some tech community on Google plus you will find a lot of posts with links, most of them without any reason to be there.

And what is Google doing about that?

Google need to think about Its Plus Network or soon people will leave it, choosing others more optimized.

It’s not like that everywhere there is spam, there are some good communities too on topic fun, there you will find a small amount of spam, but good stuff.

Youtube users are also choosing plus communities to share their videos.. in last couple of months numbers of these users on plus are increased a lot.

Google plus has no filter in posts, any user can post anything because thier posts are not filtered.


It’s a great pity since this social network, differently from Facebook and Twitter, it has really good communities and you are also able to create collections in which you can publish all your favourite news, easily.

We hope that Big G will try to do something about this aspect and will improve and may be, clean up a bit its social network.

What do you think? Give your thoughts on it!


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