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Google Chrome will no longer Trust Symantec TLS  certificate.  Symantec the largest security firm has been declared untrustworthy to be included in browsers’ list of trusted parties. Google says it caught Symantec issuing more than 30,000 improper certificates.

What its Means and What will happened? 

When user visit a website, If it has a certificate then it will show HTTPS in start of URL. This make a website secure and make user data more secure. If you notice on our website URL, you will see there is secure and “https” in start. This certificate checked by browser, browser check the issuer of a certificate. Now Google is going to stop Symantec certificate so when you visit a website on Chrome it will throw a warning that certificate is not trusted. It will happen soon in days. 

Google has announced that effective immediately, Symantec-issued certificates will not be treated as having “extended validation”. Which Means that now google wont treat Symantec  certificates as a most trusted party,

what is bad?

Symantec Cover 30% of Certificates that issued all over world. This will cause big loss to Symantec. Soon Google Chrome will start through warnings about certificate when people visit a website that has certificate from Symantec. 

Google launched certificate transparency system in 2012 to spot corrupt Certificates Authorities.

This  happened Before ? 

In 2015 Google found Symantec to issue a corrupt certificate to a biggest company which hold  an unimaginable amount of sensitive data.  Also the certificate provided by Symantec is extended version. It means that Symantec is 100% sure for this certificate there will be no chance of eavesdropping as Symantec claim about this certificate.  This certificate was for Google.

We are keeping an eyes on this issue, will give more detail soon. Bookmark us. 


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