Everyone of us has, at least a time, found on a site the annoying CAPTCHA, an automated way to stop bots.

It has been created by Google some years ago and it has revealed to be a good tool for its purpose, but sometimes it becomes really diffcult watching the images it gives us.

Generally this tool was used in login forms or when you wanted to send some allegate in google drive, in order to check if was a human or a bot, so to limit unauthorized accesses.

Now, since it gave lots of problems, Google has changed it with an “Invisible reCaptcha”.

This new system, is made in order to be “strong with bots and easy to men”, so we won’t see those annoying images anymore, all is done under the box without any visible quest!

This invisible captcha uses an algorithm which analyses a lot of things, just like the IP address, the way how the mouse moves and other aspects needed to establish the identity of the user.

Only when this algorithm fails, it will be asked to you to prove your “humanity” through a simple click.

We’re happy that Big G is finding new complex ways to limit not authorized accesses, maybe it will try to stop hacking that is a phenomena widespread all over the world that can cause a lot of problems.

We are not just talking about little hackers, we also saw companies like CIA, discovered to have tons of tools used to hack the majority of the systems today at work.


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