google duplex

Google Duplex is another example of the immense power of technology.

Mixing human abilities and electricity shape something really cool. It gives us the illusion that machines react to the outer world just like us.

This may be scary to someone, cool for someone else. At the moment this is reality, a bit raw but this sector of AI is growing really fast.

Google has finally begun the rollout of his new Google Duplex, the AI capable to manage phone calls with human beings and much more.


This release of Google Duplex is able to book a table in some restaurants, how can you see in the video below.

The AI initially works with the help of Google Assistent, gathering all the needed informaton of the place.

Then Duplex acts on its own, completing the booking.

All the available bookings will be in a dedicated section in Assistant, along with the classic integrations with Gmail and Calendar.

As you can see, interacting with it is buttery smooth, for sure way clearer and faster than some busy waiter on Friday night.

Actually this great service is only available in the States. Don’t be worried, as happened to Google Assistant, it will spread in other countries too.

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Of course, along with the zone limitations all the booking services will strictly depend on the various restaurants.

Depending on if they give the availability to share this service (paying something to Google?), or not.

Just like what happened to Assistant, we think that it will begin to be available in other countries starting from middle 2019.

What do you think about AI, or in particular Duplex, is it scaring you or not? Let us know in the comment box below!

Source: Venture Beat


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