Facebook Android App A Privacy Hunter | why you should Never install facebook App

Facebook is the big social networking website. Facebook has users all around the world. People love using facebook but without knowing anything. Today i will tell you how facebook is stealling your data..

When you install facebook on android it start getting these things out of your smartphone.

Your Messeges

Facebook reads your all text messeges and uploads them to its servers. Facebook uses them to give you the best ads, as they say. It’s not a case that if you think a second, the ads you see contain stuff you are interested in.

Your Call History

Whom you call, who call you, everything in your call history is taken by facebook from your phone. Why they are doing it ? They push everything in their servers and they check if someone in your contact is your friend on facebook or not.. so they show you suggestions. But this is not fair because facebook also see how much time you talk with someone.

Your Contact Book

Your contacts on phone remain no longer only on your phone but they are on Facebook now.

Other info :

Facebook also monitors what apps are installed in your phone and how much you use them. Also your time to open any app and close the app, time to lock and unlock the screen everything is getting by Facebook.

If you don’t trust us root your mobile and check the facebook’s data folder, you will get the files with these info to upload. Because in those files they have given the path to upload.

So facebook app is harvesting the user privacy. But google can’t remove it because people  love Facebook. This may be true if any agency Like CIA is getting those updates from Facebook.

Time to uninstall fb app And tell Facebook to stop this hack in users privacy.

Gajendra Godara

He is Android Developer, Programmer, Experienced Person that Work with passion. Follow Him to know him more.

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About Gajendra Godara

He is Android Developer, Programmer, Experienced Person that Work with passion. Follow Him to know him more.
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  1. I had my doubts , so how do we facebook ! I am currently using a third party app for FB as it has some tweaks and small in size and big on speed.
    Any app suggestion , you wanna give .

    • check the permission 3rd party app has. If you see a lot of permission that app have, check apps privacy policy on their official website. Read it you will get what are they collecting from your device… if you are unable to find the policy your privacy is at risk.

    • Fb lite is not that bad, but the problems are permissions.
      I’d stay with my browser honestly, it has all the needed functions and no problems about privacy (almost).

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