Amazon Keywords Research

Keyword Research is an essential process when selling digitally through the interconnected world of Amazon marketing. Every digital marketer to succeed is aware and proficient with its applications and significance in online marketing. The go-to tool for Amazon product and keyword research is the well-known Helium 10 software application.

The Significance of Keyword Research

Amazon Keywords Research

Keyword research, which is widely known to the industry of online marketing, plays a crucial role when developing a business website or the launching of a new product. Keywords consist of words or phrases that virtually represent a brand or product that can be searched throughout the internet with its simple input into a search bar. It is commonly used to identify interest products and services towards any customer or consumer catered by online marketers.

Helium 10 is an all-in-one software platform designed for web-based marketers and starts a business with Amazon. A notable feature known as the Helium 10 extension is a must for Amazon sellers since it combines smoothly when users search the main web page of Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). The tools found within the Helium 10 Chrome browser extension can help with the fine-tuning of product research and validate a specific product’s profitable potential.

Keyword research is a significant subject concerning the SEO process related to building a new business website. It is a method where the choice of words is associated with a chosen brand or product. Keyword research helps direct specific sentences, phrases, and words to identify with a particular item that an interested customer might be looking for. The proper application of keyword research is vital to a new website. It is responsible for organizing all the available organic traffic to be guided towards a business landing page.

Topics and niches are the primary specializations of keyword research. Most keywords are chosen to represent these categories and redirect volumes of internet searches towards the websites that contain valuable and relevant information or content. Keyword research can filter through a plethora of topic searches and their proper matching based upon the intent of a potential customer seeking a specific brand, product, or online-based service.

Using Helium 10 with Keyword Research

Helium 10 is a strong and powerful software application that is used by most Amazon FBA marketers. Helium 10 can be used to isolate products of choice or potential for massive scale profitability. It is also a program with features and tools that can assist digital entrepreneurs with keyword research tracking and creations. The device for keyword research provided by Helium 10 is called Cerebro.


The Helium 10 tool known as Cerebro is a revered ASIN search or look-up tool that informs its user about its viability and potential advantage when launched into the Amazon eCommerce market. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, an alphanumeric designation for products found and listed inside the Amazon database. Cerebro works in conjunction with the ASIN. A user can input a URL within Cerebro’s search bar, and it results by reporting all the available keyword listings and suggestions that can be applied to a chosen product.

Cerebro is a crucial tool in monitoring the present market trends of Amazon. It is useful in gaining strategic insight into the product ranking offered by competitors inside the Amazon marketplace. Using Cerebro, a digital marketer can gain instant access to all the relevant data analytics about all the available keywords and products found on Amazon.

Evaluating Results of Cerebro

  • Cerebro IQ Score

After a user inputs an absolute URL or keyword, the Cerebro tool would generate a resulting page containing an IQ Score. The Cerebro IQ Score value is produced from Helium 10’s Cerebro algorithm. It is an indicator of the potential and profitability a product can have when launched on Amazon.

  • CPR-8 Day Giveaways

CPR-8 Giveaways is an attribute found within a search outcome conducted by Helium 10’s tool Cerebro. CPR-8 Day Giveaways are deals that a business owner must give to customers inside a period totaling to eight days. The units represent the total discount values a business owner can offer to clients interested in a product for the item to win Amazon’s top listings.


Helium 10 is an all-in-one platform or software application notable in most digital marketers involved with the Amazon marketplace. It offers a variety of tools for product and keyword research. The agency unique to Helium 10 that specializes in keyword research processes is known as Cerebro.

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