DOOGEE explains: Why a phablet is better than a tablet

Although the tablet market has long been facing a period of stagnation, there are still many users who use them to play games or watch movies.

If at home it is an acceptable solution, it becomes really inconvenient to always have two devices rather than a single smartphone. That’s why Doogee states that the ideal solution is to buy a simple phablet.

We do not need to buy a phablet with over 6 inch screen, we just have to choose Doogee Y6 Max 3D that you can find on the net a little more than € 100 and provides, among other things, the ability to view 3D images without having resorting to special glasses.
With its 6.5-inch FullHD display combined to form HiFi Doogee Y6 Max 3D allows you to enjoy a movie in comfort without having to have with you a second device.

If instead of movies and TV series your passion is video games, Doogee has the solution for you.

It’s called Doogee X7 Pro and has a dedicated VR viewer, sold separately, that will allow you to use games in virtual reality as a large 6-inch HD display. Thanks to the 3700 mAh battery, with a fast charging system, you will never run dry even in the most demanding gaming sessions.

Another good product by Dogee is without any doubts, the DOGEE Y6 Piano Black, a phablet with all the features you could wish.

If you use it for business smartphones, a huge display and defined as that of Doogee Y6 Max 3D will allow us to respond to emails or reviewing an important document without having to squeeze your eyes too.

And with the ability to use two users can keep separate private life from working in a truly simple way.

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