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Clipboard managers are not as popular as other apps, but everyone who uses smartphones knows the value and importance of a clipboard manager. A clipboard manager is one of the most important tools in a smartphone.

Almost every day, an individual uses the clipboard manager, but this clipboard manager is provided by smartphones and lacks many features. Yes, every smartphone provides a default clipboard manager, but they are not feature-loaded, and sometimes they don’t work properly.

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Just like all other apps & tools, various latest and feature-loaded clipboard managers are available for Android. So if you are looking for the best clipboard managers for Android then you are in the right place. We have gone through various clipboard managers and have shortlisted some of the best for you.

10 Best Clipboard Manager For Android

Here are some of the best clipboard managers for Android that you can download free from the Play Store.

1) Clip Stack

Clip Stack App

The most popular, highly rated, and widely downloaded clipboard manager app for Android is Clip Stack. The app has tons of features. Form widget option to notification panel provides you different ways for quicker access to your important cuts and paste. Just like other apps it automatically saves the information for infinite time. One of its unique features is after saving the text, it provides you a lot of options like google search, translation, map searching, and text to speech. Moreover, it has a lot of privacy options like password protection and backup.

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2) Free Multi Clipboard Manager

Free Multi Clipboard Manager

Another feature-loaded clipboard manager app is Free Multi Clipboard Manager. The app is very simple to use and provides an excellent user experience. Just copy the text from anywhere and be relaxed because all your data will be intelligently handled by Free Multi Clipboard Manager. It creates a complete list of your copy and pastes, and its multi-copy feature allows you to copy several texts from different sources at the same time. It also has a unique feature to generate OTP for the protection of your data.

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3) Clipboard Action & Notes

Clipboard Action & Notes App

As the name suggests, Clipboard Action & Notes not only manages your cut, copy, and pates but also offers you a lot of options to take several actions on that text. It has a handful of the latest features that will help an individual to use the copied text in the right way. One copies the text from different sources and does a lot of stuff, including search, speak out link shortener, and even QR code with this app. Defining the word is another excellent option provided by this app. Don’t worry, you can save infinite clipping in this app, and it will filter them according to date and time for your convenience.

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4) Clipper

Clipper App logo

Clipper is one of the most popular clipboard manager apps available free for download. It automatically saves everything you copy from anywhere. The best thing is it shows the notification of the latest clippings in the notification panel of your smartphone for instant access. One can review the complete history of copy and pastes he had done in the past. Edit the text anytime from this app, and the rest of the work is done by the app.

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5) Clipboard History – Copy paste anywhere

Clipboard History App logo

Clipboard History – Copy paste anywhere is another excellent clipboard app for Android. It is a very simple to use clipboard manager and has a very user-friendly UI. It can categorize your copy-paste into different categories like text, numbers, and URLs.You can quickly get access to all your cuts and pastes, and editing is very easy on this app. One can instantly copy the recently added data through the notification panel of this app. The app also provides backup and restore options so that you never lose your data.

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6) Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager App logo

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and feature-loaded clipboard app for Android, then clipboard manager could be your choice. It is one of the best clipboard manager apps, and as its name suggests, it is perfect for doing that. It categorizes and organizes all your clippings intelligently to help you every time. You can also use it as your digital notebook by making infinite categories and adding data according to them. The main highlight of this app is one can import and export data to another android device easily and can even backup the data to the cloud.

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7) Clipboard CopyPaster

Clipboard CopyPaster App logo

It is also an excellent clipboard manager app for Android. It is highly recommended by millions of users. You can save different stuff in this app, including text, images, numbers, and URLs.One unique feature of this app is you can convert your clippings into various formats according to your convenience. Moreover, you can set a password for accessing the data. You can also listen to text in this app. You can even directly share clippings to other apps also. You will also get a widget option for quick access to your clippings.

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8) CopyClip – Clipboard History

Clipboard History App logo

CopyClip – Clipboard History is also a great option for managing all your clippings. It is one of the best clipboard managers available on the App store. The app has one of the cleanest and simplest UI to provide an exceptional user experience. The app has no ads, and viewing your clippings is very easy. The app automatically saves all the data you have copied from different sources. One can synchronize all the data with iCloud so that he will never lose his data. App also provides a simple but excellent widget for quicker access.

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9) My Clipboard Manager

My Clipboard Manager App Logo

It is another great alternative to your default clipboard manager and is way better than that. The app has a lot of features and options to impress you. The app provides you to copy text from different sources at the same time and it lists down all your clippings according to date & time. Save infinite clippings and see the complete history any time, even in the absence of a network. Yes, one can view, edit and create new notes without the internet. A keyword search option is also there to get instant results. Import, export, and the backup option is an add-on for this excellent app.

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10) Text copy- Copy, Paste

Text copy App

Last but not least, Text copy- Copy, Paste is another useful app to help you save and manage your cut, copy, and pastes. The best thing is you can copy text from anywhere, including different apps. It also saves the text that you have copied from an image. In terms of managing your clippings, you will never get disappointment from this app. The app provides you with tons of options to edit those clippings. The app is very simple and has a clean UI, it has only focus, which is to automatically save & manage your copied text.

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A clipboard manager is very essential for any type of user. From professionals to a common user the need for a clipboard manager is known to everyone. That’s why for a modern and updated you, we have listed some of the best and advanced clipboard managers to help you in every way possible.

All the above-listed apps are free to download and don’t require many technical specifications for functioning. All these apps have a clean and simple UI, and you will get an excellent user experience while using them. Choose any of them because all apps are best to manage any type of your cut, copy, and pastes.


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