PUBG Sensitivity Settings

Player Unkown Battleground Mobile or PUBG is one of the best esports shooting games for Android and IOS devices. The game is developed by Krafton which is a South Korean game developer firm. The craze and fame of the game can be estimated by the number of tournaments held on it. Almost 15-18 tournaments are held every year to promote the game and esports industry.

The PUBG is all about shooting skills and fast reflex timings. The one who masters both of them remains alive at the end. Whereas, the rest 99 players have to face loss. In order to improve gaming performance, practice along with the right settings are must. Here is a complete guide for sensitivity settings that can drastically enhance your gaming skills.

Best Sensitivity Setting 

Sensitivity settings for Gyro Players

Gyroscope is one of the latest features launched by the development company of PUBG. Players can now also opt to move the viewpoint of their character just by tilting their device (i.e. Mobile).  The setting can aid the player in many ways if used with the right sensitivity setting.

Setting Sensitivity level
TPP No scope 300%
FPP No scope 250-300%
Red Dot, Holographic, & Aim Assist 250-300%
8x Scope 55-60%
6x Scope 70 – 75%
4x and VSS Scope 175 – 200%
3x Scope and Win94 Scope 200%
2x Scope 300%

ADS Senstivity Settings

The smoothness and drag while aiming and shooting is governed by the ADS sensitivity setting. Therefore, the control of the cross-hair is also influenced by it. Moreover, refining the ADS setting will also help to decrease the recoil and at the same time, increase the stability of the scope. Especially in scopes from 3x to 8x, it is important to decrease the sensitivity in order to have a good grip on the gun barrel.

Settings Sensitivity Level
TPP No scope 100 -150%
FPP No scope 85 – 90%
Red Dot, Holographic, & Aim Assist 47 – 52%
8x Scope 10 – 12%
6x Scope 12 – 15%
4x and VSS Scope 20- 25 %
3x Scope and Win94 Scope 20 – 25%
2x Scope 30 – 35%

Camera Settings

Getting a clear vision of the opponent with correct timing is probably the most significant requirement to win the game. Camera settings are responsible to alter the time duration during changing the view of the character. Hence, the sensitivity level of the scope should not be too much high or low. To get a perfect and stable camera movement, one may follow the given settings.

camera setting

Settings Sensitivity Level
TPP No scope 80 – 120%
FPP No scope 100 – 120%
Red Dot, Holographic, & Aim Assist 45 – 55%
8x Scope 40 -44%
6x Scope 20 – 22%
4x and VSS Scope 14 – 20%
3x Scope and Win94 Scope 20 – 30%
2x Scope 50 – 60%

Other Settings To Improve Gaming Performance

1.   Controlling the Sprint Sensitivity

As the name suggests, the setting is used to increase movement speed while sprinting. As it is associated with the controlling of the cross hair, it is important to adjust and personalise it. One may find this setting by tapping the ‘Gear icon’, followed by Advanced settings after opening the game.

Sprint Sensitivity

A setting with Sprint Sensitivity can be seen there. Drag the bar towards the right to increase the sensitivity while moving it towards to left will decrease it. Although it is preferred to keep the bar at 95 – 100%,  a player can select any random value according to their skills and device.

2.   Switching the Scope to “Hold”

Almost every pro player in PUBG uses the ‘Hold” setting to open the scope. The main advantage of shifting on “Hold” is to quickly fire through the scope. On the other hand, Tap may take a few milliseconds more to perform the same.      Hence, it is highly advisable to use the ‘Hold’ settings for short and long-range fights. However, a ‘Mixed’ option can also be used in the initial phase to help you adapt to the new settings.

3.   Enabling or Disabling Aim Assist

Enabling or Disabling Aim Assist

It is probably the very first setting that is suggested to newbies. The main reason to enable this setting is to help players aim easily at opponents. This may be a useful feature for new players but professionals like to disable this option. As it can be self-destructive when you have to target an opponent beside another one.

Additionally, disabling the Aim Assist helps to keep drag while shooting more smooth. There is no perfect recommendation as to whether keep it on or off. It depends upon the player and their skills.

4.   Keeping the Graphic Setting at Smooth

PUBG, as already mentioned, is a game where the shooting abilities and strategic thinking of a person are examined. Therefore, a player should compromise with graphics to achieve desirable framerates. Keeping the picture quality smooth can drastically improve the gameplay and if paired with “Colorful’ in style, it would be a plus point while spotting enemies.


On a concluding note, these were some of the best sensitivity settings in PUBG. The values and figures can be changed according to the player and device. On the other hand, proper practice to get familiar with these changes is significant to put out the best result.


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