can you hack an iPhone? That is a question that troubled many back in the day. Now, we have several ways to hack an iPhone, thanks to the coders’ hard work. Today, you can even hack an iPhone’s camera and know about the pictures (and videos) taken.

For you to hack an iPhone’s camera, you need to be careful and do it right. Many solutions may claim to provide a solution while that’s not the case. So, we sat down and looked at some of the recommended ways to hack an iPhone’s camera.

We then came up with three easy ways that work on all iPhones out there. Let’s see how you can use them to get what that camera is capturing.

Part 1: Hack an iPhone Camera with Spyic Solution

Like we said before, you need to hack an iPhone’s camera the right way to avoid getting captured. Luckily, here is an application that can do that for you secretly without alerting the targeted user.

Spyic application is a monitoring software known for its stealth mode operation. It has already helped millions of users in more than 190 countries to track their subjects. When it comes to capturing that iPhone’s camera, it will get you all the taken photos and videos too.

The best part about Spyic is that you can use it to hack iPhone camera without any download or installation. It also does not require jailbreaking before hacking the phone’s camera. So, how do you use it to hack the iPhone?

Spyic software

Spyic uses the target’s iCloud ID to fetch the stored photos. Since all iPhones depend on the iCloud for storage, you can get the camera details if it’s syncing is on. Once you have the target’s iCloud login details, you can setup Spyic online and start hacking their iPhone.

Before verifying the iCloud credentials, you need to create an account first. That is what you will be using to view the results at any time you need to. The account has the Spyic’s dashboard that holds the results.

It’s user-friendly with other useful iPhone hacking features as well. It’s also compatible with all browsers. That means you just need an internet-enabled gadget to check on the updates. As for the compatibility, Spyic works with all iPhones with iOS version 7.0 and above.

You can check out Clickfree for more information about what else Spyic can hack. If you want to see the camera hacking live in action, visit the demo page on the main website.

For now, we will show you how you can hack the targeted iPhone’s camera using Spyic.

How to Start Hacking an iPhone’s Camera Using Spyic

Step 1: Go to the Spyic main website via your browser and register an account there.

How to Start Hacking an iPhone’s Camera

Next, choose the Apple icon to see the available options.

Spyic account

Step 2: Select the best plan for your hacking needs and make a purchase. After that, you will receive a confirmation email with the receipt, setup instructions, and the login details.

Step 3: Once you see the email, login to your Spyic account and verify the target’s iCloud credentials.

Spyic account

Next, choose the phone you want to hack and wait for the Spyic and iCloud synchronization.

Step 4: After syncing, you will see the dashboard. It will have many features on the left To hack the iPhone’s camera, go to ‘Photos’ and click on it to see the collected pictures.

Do you want to see the videos taken too? Click on the ‘Videos’ link, still on the left menu.

NB: For these photos and videos, you can even download them for later use if you need some evidence.

Part 2: Hack an iPhone’s Camera with Cocospy Solution

Another application that has benefited many in their hacking needs is the Cocospy software. It also works on a wide variety of iPhones too. With Cocospy, you can hack many things. One of them is what we are discussing here – hacking an iPhone’s camera.

It works using the stealth mode feature. That means it will always be hidden from the target’s visual ability. Next, it will get you the targeted iPhone’s camera information remotely using the iCloud credentials.

Cocospy Solution

Once you get your target’s iCloud ID, you can set up Cocospy online and start hacking the iPhone. That means you don’t need to download, install, or jailbreak anything. After that, you can always get the photos (and videos too) by logging into your account.

Cocospy’s dashboard works with all browsers too. So, you don’t need to worry about the device you are using to view the results. For more information about Cocospy use, check out its website and the Demo page in it too.

Part 3: Hack an iPhone’s Camera by Recovering Deleted Photos in Camera Roll

Now, your target may be taking photos as they delete them. For what reason? They know better. For you, if you don’t have a third-party app to hack for you, then you can use the camera roll.

Hack an iPhone’s Camera

For this method, you will need to access the targeted phone to do it. Next, you need to be sure that the iPhone’s iCloud backup is turned on. That way, you can recover all the deleted photos (and videos) from the iCloud and access them on the phone.

If the iCloud delivers little or nothing, then you can use the photos’ app. Go to Photos>Albums and then go to the lower-right corner. Then scroll down to ‘Recently deleted’ and click on it to get them.

The only limitation of this method is that you have to access the phone physically.


As you have seen, it’s now possible to hack an iPhone, especially that secret camera. We always recommend using trustworthy software when hacking an iPhone. That way, you don’t get unnecessary demands such as jailbreaking the phone first.

Among the three ways above, we recommend trying Spyic. It will hack the iPhone without touching it if you have its iCloud details. It will also never notify the targeted user during the whole hacking period.


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