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An iPhone is a dream for everyone, and nowadays Apple smart watches too. Most of the people do not know about the alternative watches available in the market for iPhone users. Apple watch is available there, then why did one search for its alternatives….Mmm well, because the Apple watch isn’t right for everyone, that’s one couldn’t afford the cost.

So much of IOS supporting watches are there. To find the right one for you is the toughest task. But, this will help you to find the right one. What makes a good watch? Surely it depends on the mindset of the users. Some people want better battery life, some others gave importance to the looks. So your options make you feel happy or not. So try to find out what you need.

10 Best Apple Smartwatch alternatives

1# Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Version
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Version

It comes in two models, the Frontier and the Classic. You can choose them wisely as per your taste. Both are quite nice. S3 runs on Samsung’s Tizen platform. Samsung gear S3 is not much a costly one. With its brilliant performance and the stylish looks makes it the best alternative for Apple watches. This smartwatch has all the necessary features which a good smartwatch much have. The key feature is you will get a good battery life rather than in an in an Apple watch.

The key feature is you will get a good battery life compared to an Apple smartwatch.

It’s a classy one in all aspects. So the price is reasonable but not appropriate for the common people.

2# LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Sport
LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Sports smartwatch has a Premium design which attracts a lot of people. LG watch sport may give you the mindful result as it feels free to use. It also has a decent battery back-up. It includes key features like GPS, heart rate system and NFC. This watch surely fills your heart rather than your mind.

3# Fossil Q Marshal

Fossil Q Marshal is the newest digital display watch from the Fossil. Its strap is quite smooth. while wearing, it feel quite soft. It also has various customizable watch faces for the user. You can tracks activity, connects to your favorite apps, receives display notifications with the use of this smartwatch.

4# Moto 360 sport

Moto 360 sport
Moto 360 sport Smartwatch

For an iPhone user, Moto 360 could also become a good replacement of Apple watch.The smartwatch has stunning eye catching design.The most admirable feature of Moto 360 sport is its Accurate and fast GPS system.When you wear it the first time, you feel very much Comfortable with this smartwatch. It has many fitness apps like Pedometer, Heart rate checker Heart etc.

Although This smartwatch hasn’t a good battery life. So those who prefer battery life won’t like this watch.

5# Ticwatch 2

Ticwatch 2 Smarwatch
Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch

For an iPhone user, Ticwatch 2 is the most affordable watch. This budget smartwatch is recommended for the first time buyers, who don’t want to spend a big amount of money.Ticwatch 2 has sleeky design makes it looks perfect. It runs on an Android-based operating system “Ticwear 4.0”  built by a Chinese company named Mobvoi. It has Good battery life compared to others, which is surely an advantage of this product. The device performs very well when pairing with an iPhone, It gives all the notifications without delay. Limited pre-installed apps are the Only cons we observed in this smartwatch.

6# Huawei SmartWatch

It’s similar to Samsung Gear S3 and it’s far more powerful than it looks. It’s comfortable and lightweight design makes you fell in love with this watch. This is for the people who love light weight sporty smart watches. This Chinese smartwatch embraces fitness in a big way. It’s ‘Huawei fit’ inbuilt app helps to track your fitness on daily basis and record the data in very sophisticated manner.

7# Polar M600

It doesn’t feel like a common smartwatch, with its odd rectangle shape, However performance wise it also one of the best alternative of Apple watches. It has all the basic along with call notifications and fitness notifications. Accurate GPS and HRM are the key features of this small smartwatch.The Battery life is kind of average of Polar M600 Smartwatch. For the First, ever users of the smartwatches may love this one.

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The only drawback we found in this unique watch is It’s a costlier compare to other smartwatches. But still we can say the features they offer and the style they provide is reasonable for the price.

8# Misfit Vapor

Misfit Vapor

Misfit Vapor is the latest smartwatch from Misfit. This smartwatch has a round OLED screen, which perfectly suit in your wrist. It is Powered by Android Wear 2.0 to provide Misfit users with an evolved, world-class software experience.Heart rate monitoring can easily be done with this smartwatch. It was awarded the best fitness gadgets in the recently help CES 2017. Unique thing about this device is that ‘it is water resistance‘.

9# Alcatel OneTouch SM02

Alcatel One Touch Smart Watch is compatible with android as well as ios operating system. This long dial (41.8mm) smartwatch as plenty of handful features for daily use. The good thing about this watch is it has built-in USB charging, So need to carry a separate charging dock. This rugged smartwatch is also water and dust proof. Only con is that the camera quality is quite average compare to Apple watches.

10# Asus Zenwatch 3

Zenwatch 3 is the latest smartwatch from the Asus, with a lot of improvement from its predecessor.This smartwatch has the traditional round shape display. Its has the picture quality which can easily compete the Apple watches. Its 340 mAh battery lasts a full 24 hours of normal use with the screen always on. This smartwatch is also water resistant with IP67 Rating!

So these were the best smartwatches for the iPhone users. You can buy these smartwatches as an alternative to the apple watches. If you have any other smartwatch which should part of this article, please share with us.


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