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Android market: In the first quarter of 2017, Apple sold less iPhones as Wall Street analysts expected, according to several of them, the downhill is due to Apple indifference about his market in China, in fact sales declined by 14% compared to previous quarter.

Still another confirm of this comes from Kantar, a well-known analysis company that has published the usual report in which it looks at the trend of the smartphone market worldwide (March 2017 data).

As you can see from the table bottom, compared to March 2016, iOS lost 8.6 percentage points in China, where Android is growing up how it never did before, and it reached 87.2% of the market.

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In Europe, the situation of the green robot is very high (80.1% and 91.4% respectively), while the iPhone is very good in Great Britain and Japan, where they have 40.4% 45.1% of the market.

For more details about smartphone sales, I suggest you to take a look to this interactive panel, that can show everything about the market.


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