Android P was announced by Google on March 7, 2018 with its first developer preview. Currently, Google released the public Beta version of this ninth major version of Android Operating System. It is not yet known what ‘P’ will stand for, but we have seen that Google names Android on some sweet & delicious treats. We have seen everything from Marshmallow, Kitkat, Lollipop to Oreo, so may be ‘P’ will stand for Popsicle until then keep guessing…

android p look

Now, you may be curious to know about what changes have been made in it or what new features Google have added in its Android P. So, let’s move on to major advancements we have seen in its Beta version.


When you use a fitness tracker, it reminds you to take a walk when you sit for a long time. Just like that Dashboard tracks your mobile usage patters and reminds you to take a break from screen. You can even set specific time limits for certain apps.

Wind Down Mode

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It is a new feature which helps you sleep properly without any disturbances. Once you tell Google Assistant that when you would like to sleep, it will automatically activate Wind Down Mode and your screen will turn into a monochrome color palette.

Adaptive Brightness

Image result for android p Adaptive brightness

This feature uses artificial intelligence to learn your brightness preferences and sets it according to your preferences and environment automatically. This is very useful as it gets better with time and also saves battery.

Adaptive Battery

Image result for android p Adaptie battery

Android P comes with adaptive battery that learns how you are using apps and it restricts battery usage for the apps that you use less, thus saving your battery.

Moreover, it features an improved Battery Saver which activates when your battery reaches below 70%. Android P uses battery very smartly thus, giving you a longer screen time.


In order to make user interface simple and to adapt it to latest full screen phones Google has introduces different gestures for easy navigation. You will be able to see recent apps with five predicted apps by swiping up from the bottom to save time. And when you swipe twice, it opens your app drawer.

You can silence your phone by just turning it over and browse through all your apps by swiping left and right horizontally.

App Actions & Slices

Image result for android p App actions and slices

Google has took shortcuts to a new level by introducing App Actions in this latest Android version. It determines your next steps by tracking your app using pattern and suggests shortcuts accordingly.

On the other hand, Slices allows you to perform more complex tasks by using Google Assistant. Like you can book a cab without even opening the app.

Improved Notifications

Google has tried to make notifications more useful so you don’t have to open messaging apps for replying. Now, you can reply easily through notifications an even attach photos and stickers.

Image result for android p look

Besides, the above features Android P has lot more to explore. The icons and navigation bars are changed. Google has also improved privacy and security. It adopts cutout support according to top notch screens which is in latest trend so you don’t miss any content. It also allows its users to access multiple phone cameras simultaneously. Google maps are also improved with indoor navigation. There are a number of small changes which makes it way better than previous Android Versions. The full version of Android P will release in August 2018, till than you can enjoy using Beta version in Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Oppo R15 Pro.


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