Google may launch android 8 in March or April 2017. The question is “what will be name of new android 8 ?”.  As Far we know it will start from English latter “O” and a sweet name. What changes will you see in android 8 ? today we will discuss about it.

what will be FEATURES of Android 8

Last two android versions are “android 7 Nougat and Android 6 Marshmallow”. In these two version, Google focused on user privacy and security. No doubt in Android 8 Google main aim will also tighten the security and privacy.

Google may bring Privacy control option in android 8 so user will have option what to share or not with android apps. Recently we have seen many big apps have broken user privacy. If we talk about Facebook app its does not left any privacy in smartphone. Your calls detail, massage detail,other apps details, your time when you use a app everything is collected by Facebook App.  This may be controlled in Android 8.

Recently Google presents “Tango” Feature for android smartphone having 3d Cameras. Tango will be added in android 8 by default.

Rooting android is being hard since android 6, it may be more strict in android 8.

what will be Name of android 8?

For Android “O” There are Following options

Opus Lactrum

Opus Lactrum is an ancient dish From “AD 218-222” . This dish is composed of sour milk, honey,flour and fruits. . Its given by Roman emperor Elegabatum. So there may ba a chance of this name. There are two word in name so may be ignored by Google.


Its a dutch origin breakfast dish. It is a breakfast cake. We do not think “Ontbijtkoek” may be a good option for android 8 name, Because it is hard to pronounce for people in other countries that dutch people.


Its thin starch layer used for cover Japanese dishes. Its protect dish from humidity. This may be a name of android 8 because Google is focusing on security.

Other candidate for android 8 name

  • Ozark pudding
  • Oliebol
  • Orange whip
  • Oxygala

Thanks for Reading. We will update this page soon with more interesting thing about Android 8.


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