Xiaomi has recently launched its two most anticipated smartwatches under the brand Amazfit. In the month of May, they have launched Amazfit Verge 2, which was a successor of the amazfit verge smartwatch.

And, recently in the month of July in 2019, xiaomi surprized the tech world with another launch of the Amazfit GTR Smartwatch!

As soon the GTR Smartwatch is launched, It has got lot of attention from all over the world. This smartwatch has 100+ watch faces and more than 24-day long battery life( Even in regular use!!). Isn’t it amazing?

Amazfit GTR Vs Amazfit Verge 2
Amazfit GTR Vs Amazfit Verge 2

However, some people are confused while choosing between Amazfit Verge 2 & Amazfit GTR. In my opinion, both the smartwatches have their unique selling points. So a user must go through 2 things..first is individuals requirement and second what the smartwatch is offering.

So to make thing easy for you we have compare Verge2 Smartwatch & GTR Smartwatch side by side, so you get a fair idea before making any decision.

Amazfit GTR Amazfit Verge 2
Size 1.39 inch 1.39 inch
Display type AMOLED AMOLED
Storage 64MB 512 MB
Battery Life 410 mah, 24  days in regular use 390 mah, 24 hrs in regular use
Water-Resistant Yes Yes
Strap Type Leather + silicone Silicon
Available Colors Brown Black & White
Sports Mode 12 10
NFC Support Yes Yes
ECG Sensor NO Yes
Sim support No Yes, eSim
Wifi No Yes

After comparing one by one, one thing is sure Verge 2 has much better features than GTR Smartwatch, However, if you are much concerned about the battery life & looks you can go with Amazfit GTR Smartwatch!!


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