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The text sheet is one of the most popular websites among students and we can say it is the best website for helping students with their homework and assignments. It was claimed that there is no comparison to the text sheet, but due to copyright issues, the website has been shut down.

It was an all-in-one solution for the students of different courses at different classes of their education. So after its shutdown, millions of students are still confused about the best alternative to a textsheet.

A lot of websites similar to textsheet are available online, but students want the best alternative to textsheet. They want a text sheet like an experience and information in its alternative. So after thoroughly researching various websites, we have come up with some of the best alternatives to text sheet.

Here you will get the best alternative to a textsheet even if some are better than a textsheet. Just check the list carefully and choose the one, which has everything to attract you.

Top 8 Best Alternatives To Textsheet

Here are some of the best alternatives to Textsheet

1) Quora


Quora is the most used site among all the above websites, but it is not an alternative to textsheet, instead, textsheet is an alternative to Quora. The site operates globally and has millions of active users.

This site is not only for students, but professionals and experts also use it as their main Q&A platform. You will find everything on this platform, and for any type of question related to any subject or topic, you will get hundreds and hundreds of solutions.

You will always find many answers from experts & professionals, and the best thing is it is free. There is no competition to Quora when it comes to Q&A sites.

2) Chegg


Chegg is among the very few apps that can even surpass text sheet when it comes to its database and features. One interesting thing is Chegg is the company that has given notice to textsheet for copyright.

So you can think that even text sheet takes data from Chegg. The app is almost similar to a text sheet, and you will get answers to all your questions.

For further doubts, you can take help from a professor. It provides the solution to more than 6400 universities worldwide. You can also get an option to rent books at the lowest price.

3) Crazy For Study

Crazy For Study

If you are mad or crazy about your studies and want to deliver your assignments at the earliest, then this app is the perfect one for you.

It has a huge database of millions of questions and answers to provide you with instant and accurate results.

The site has over 50 million books for reference and reliable information. Solving questions, queries, and doubts of various subjects, including maths, physics, engineering, and computer science are very easy through this site. The site is very popular and has a vast user base, and millions of students trust it.

4) SparkNotes


SparkNotes is a boon for students, especially when their exams are near. This site not only works like a typical Q&A website but also guides you at every step for your exams.

On this website, you can understand any concept, topic, or even the whole lesson very easily as it provides important notes and pointers for every concept. You can also make your notes on this site for a better understanding of the concept or lesson.

The site has a lot of summarized data for various lessons to provide you with quick and effective learning just a few days before your exams. It is a perfect companion for every student.

5) Slader


Discussing text sheet alternatives? How one can forget Slader. It is one of the most popular and widely used text sheet alternatives by millions of students all across the globe.

One will get a verified and perfect solution for his every question. You get the best homework solution from this site as various students and teachers upload their questions, answers, explanations, and other paperwork regularly.

The site offers answers & explanations of different subjects, and the site is continuously increasing its database to help students from different courses and different classes.

6) Course Hero

Course Hero

Course Hero is another very popular website among millions of students worldwide. The site has a different structure, but in terms of purpose, it is a great alternative to a textsheet.

The site provides quick, accurate, and verified answers to different questions on various topics. Tutors and students regularly upload various questions, answers, queries, and explanations, and it has around 30 million users, so you can think about its database.

The site also offers around 25 million courses online and personalized & expert coaches for different subject coaches making it one of the best online mentors for a student.

7) StudyLib


StudyLib is one of the best and finest alternatives to text sheet. Even though it is far better than the textsheet. It is a one-stop destination for every student.

You can simply say it is an online library where you will get vast knowledge about various topics and lessons. For all your assignment and homework needs StudyLib is the best solution.

You can make a circle of your friends on this site and can make & share notes. The site offers you a digital flashboard for all your notes and other study material to help you in quick & effective revision before your exams. It works as an online guide.

8) Coursera

If you are looking for a well-organized and user-friendly alternative to the textsheet, then there is no comparison to Coursera. It has the most organized structure, and students can easily get what they want.

On this site, you will get answers to thousands of questions for your homework and any type of assignment. This app also provides you a platform to write a research paper.

The site has a huge knowledge base and offers detailed knowledge on more than 3600 courses. Coursera has also provided its app for both Android & iOS and has around 40 million active users worldwide.

Although the textsheet is not available, many sites are there, which are even better than the text sheet, and we have shortlisted the best among them. All the listed sites are free to use and will help you in solving any of your queries. These websites have a huge database and provide the perfect & verified answers for all your questions. Just visit any of them, and your homework & assignments look easier than ever.


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