Best alarm clock apps with math challenges

In our world, there are lots of people who have a problem waking up in the morning. There are many reasons why people have these problems but the main reason behind this is they sleep late at night. So, if you are struggling with these problems, there is a solution for you. You can set an alarm not on the clock but in mobile apps.

Many apps are having the feature alarm clock with math problems. The alarm clock app that makes you get up in the early darkest morning. Here, you get the 8 best alarm clock apps with math challenges for android and iPhone.

8 Best Alarm Clock Apps with Math Challenges

1. Alarmy

Alarmy App
Alarmy App

This is quite possibly the most unmistakable application in this class and perhaps the best. It incorporates various types of missions and assignments to make you awake regardless.

In the Photo mission, you should awaken and snap a photo of an enrolled place, in any case, the sound will not close down. In the mathematical challenges, you will settle a few simple number-related activities to wind down the sound.

Aside from those, there is a Barcode challenge, where, altogether not to allow you to rest, the application will make you take a snap of a standardized tag.

Also, in the Shake task, you should shake your mobile multiple times, and really at that time, it winds down.

2. Crazy Wake up Alarm Clock

Crazy Wake up App
Crazy Wake up App

Crazy Wake up Alarm Clock helps those who forget important meetings. The app sets the alarm by creating various tasks. If you want to switch off the alarm then you have to solve the various mathematical problems, which can’t be solved easily.

The app creates tricky tasks like Captcha Alarm Level. In Captcha Level Alarm, you have to input the different random characters.  Why is it tricky? Because at the time of solving the keyboard is switched.

The next option that makes this app best is 360 spin. In 360 spin, it will ask you to stand up and do 360 spins to turn down.

3. Mathe Alarm Clock

Mathe Alarm Clock
Mathe Alarm Clock

If you are too lazy to wake up in the morning, this Mathe Alarm Clock app will help you to wake up in the darkest morning. This app is based on an alarm clock with a math problem system.

Mathe Alarm Clock helps to wake up by solving mathematical problems.

The app is best for heavy sleepers because to stop the alarm, you will have to solve the mathematical problems, and while solving a couple of problems your mind will get fresh.

Also, the sound of this alarm is loud and annoying. The app is the best android alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Because the arrangement of the problems or tasks in such a way from easy to hard tasks makes the brain work. From this small task, you can wake up early in the morning.

4. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers
Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

In this technology era everyone is sleeping late at night, so no doubt they have to face problems like waking up in the morning.

Those heavy sleepers need external help to wake up in the morning. The Alarm Clock for Heavy sleeper’s app gives you the different tasks and challenges to stop or OFF this alarm.

The app helps you to work your brain early in the morning.This is one of the best alarm apps for heavy sleepers.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers app has many features that makes the app the best android alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

One feature, Gentle pre-alarms for heavy sleepers, is best to add a harder task in advance. Using this one, you may forget to set the alarm. This feature will take care of all these problems.

5. Math Alarm Clock by Mathy

Mathy App
Mathy App

The caution begins gradually blurring in and becomes stronger in the event that you would prefer not to awaken. At the point when you get your mobile, you see an activity on the screen of your mobile you should pick the right answer.

By tackling several of those assignments you will actually want to turn the alert down. Incidentally, here you get an opportunity to set the clock on the nap button.

You can alter napping stretches and furthermore pick music for an Alarm. On the off chance that in case you’re reluctant to utilize this sort of alert reasoning you probably won’t settle the undertaking just after rest, you can make a pre-practice in the application and see what you’re able to do.

6. Maths Alarm

Maths Alarm
Maths Alarm

Using this app, you will find no excuses for not working with this app to wake up in the morning. This app is especially developed for heavy sleepers. You will find no one is best with this app.

All these features and interface of this app is easier than others. Every mathematical task is very tricky.

You want to apply your brain power and you will wake up in the early morning.You say that this is among the best alarm clocks that force you to get up.

7. Math Alarm Clock – Wake up!

Math Alarm Clock – Wake up!
Wake up App

Assuming you need it, you can add your own experience in the application to make it more customized. The application shows the climate conjecture for your area. Additionally, you can handle it by utilizing your voice.

Another amusing capacity here is on the off chance that you set various voices of well-known characters to awaken you on the off chance that you continue to nap.

Those could be Stevie and Hermione, for instance. What’s more, ultimately, the interface of the application is perfectly planned which makes it considerably more advantageous in utilization.

8. AlarMath

AlarMath App
AlarMath App

The name AlarMath represents itself with no issue. This is an amazing and creative technique to get you up utilizing math undertakings arrangement.

It can cause you to address numerical problems, tackle a memory tile game, or other dazzling and invigorating missions to wind down the caution. Furthermore, the application will not allow you to press the napping catch as you did before with customary alerts.


If you want to wake up in the early morning, all the above apps are the best android alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. These alarm clocks force you to get up in the early morning. The above 8 apps are the alarm clocks with math problems, available in both android and iPhone. You know while solving math problems your brain starts working.



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