Adwcleaner is a adware removal program made by ToolsLib. This program is effective against adware. what does it do :

  • remove adware
  • remove threats program
  • Remove Toolbar that injecting ads.
  • Stop hijackers

Options in this tools :

  • Scan file / folder
  • Registry scan

Pros of adwcleaner:

This program scan outing and incoming links from pc application. If its found any program/software using ads links then it will detect it and ask user to remove it. It also scan programs if they have ads code. this program is easy to use and have Good result.

There are many Browser plug-ins, extensions which installed and cause problem, showing ads and reading users input. Adwcleaner is good in Removing this type of programs.

Cons of adwcleaner:

There are some software we need to use for some work and they will also show ads, this software may show them as a adware of malware. like it show Auslogics BoostSpeed 9 as a malware. which used to speed up pc.

To Download this cleaner Go  to adwcleaner official website


There is also a Method to remove adware programs extensions Manually check this out


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